Citrix Sharefile Trial

Citrix Sharefile Trial Functions

Citrix is a workspace management platform that IT administrators can use to design, deliver, and manage virtual desktops and applications, as well as other services such as file sharing, for any device.

What is Citrix Data Room?

Citrix is a traditional software company and is best known for its terminal and virtualization technology. With the Citrix ShareFile Trial, the company now also offers a file hosting solution that is primarily aimed at professional customers.

The intensive development and spread of digital technologies in recent years have significantly changed the face of key sectors of the economy and social sphere. More and more organizations are striving to transfer business processes to a digital environment, thereby significantly reducing transaction costs and significantly increasing the volume of economic activity. Thus, your company should be able to quickly implement digital channels, while implementation should not require large financial and time costs. Hence, virtual technology leaders must provide tools to simplify the digital customer experience.  And one of such tools is Citrix Data Room.

When we talk about Citrix cloud-based business solution, here it is worth highlighting several main drivers that stimulate its use:

  • joint work;
  • optimization of costs for information infrastructure;
  • requirement for mobility;
  • integration of information systems and data consolidation;
  • ensuring data security.

Whether between you and your employees or between employees in their respective project groups: the files and folders can be assigned clearly defined access and editing rights and everything is always up-to-date thanks to permanent synchronization – ideal for modern workflow requirements and local flexibility

How to use Citrix Sharefile download?

Citrix ShareFile is designed for business and optimized for mobile users. Employees can access files from anywhere, download information from any device, and share it with anyone inside or outside the organization. The support of larger files, seamless integration in Microsoft Outlook, offline access, and intuitive operation ensures a high level of user comfort.

The software provides the following benefits:

  • Flexible storage options. According to their individual requirements, companies can choose where the data is stored: in their own data center, in the cloud, or in a hybrid solution.
  • Data protection through encryption. All files are transmitted and stored permanently encrypted (AES 128/256). Either SSL or TLS is used as the encryption protocol.
  • Convenient reporting. A set of ready-made templates and easy-to-use reporting tools ensure that project management is provided with timely information on project progress.
  • Full access control. Manage contracts and track legal and financial obligations using personalized dashboards and advanced search functions. IT defines how data is stored, how it is accessed, and how it can be exchanged – through comprehensive rights management, security features such as remote deletion, device locking, password protection, and the establishment of validity guidelines for data as well as detailed reporting and audit functions.
  • Collaboration on projects. The solution for corporate project management provides the project team with a convenient toolkit for full participation in the project and the exchange of information between project participants.
  • Enhancing corporate culture. Each employee of the company knows about all corporate processes since the divisions have a single information field.

The advantages of the solution over competitors are ease of integration, cross-platform, the ability to connect a large number of users, as well as a flexible licensing system. The solution is web-based, does not require investments in infrastructure, and does not pose risks to the IT security of the enterprise.